GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS! YUMMY! Right? Would you believe that in the ten years that genetically modified foods (GMO) have been around, that they have not been being labeled as such?  These foods have been on the market for ten years now and the FDA does not require manufacturers to label their products that have genetically engineered ingredients in them?  Believe it!  Scary huh?  With no real testing or long term statistics in place about the ill side affects and potential hazards of genetically modified (engineered) foods (GMOs), the federal government does not seem in a hurry to protect consumers from the potential damage such foods could cause humans.

If you have children, this should be of a great concern to you, especially if you are not eating a fully organically grown diet.  GMOs might potentially cause DNA and/or RNA damage (damage to our genes), as some in the know have said with alarming concern.  Either way, the only way to know is to have GMOs tested over a long term period of time.  The only thing most health advocates are asking is that the FDA require present products that have GMOs in them to be labeled clearly so that consumers can know BEFORE they buy it.  This video is a sort of public service announcement to drive the point home about just what is happening to consumers. Funny as it may be, the message should not be taken lightly.

If you would like to speak out against this continuing insistence by the FDA to not require GMO labeling, please take a moment and sign the petition at and be counted in the millions of Americans that are concerned about the health, safety, and well-being of our food supply.  It will only take a few moments and it can have an impact on this issue if the FDA sees the reality of protest about them siding with industrial food providers that are responsible already for the poisoning of America through additives, preservatives, hormones and steroids that are used every day in the production of our food supply.  Take a moment and sign the petition today – for the sake of our children and future generations if not for yourself.

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