Have you ever had a really really bad day when you felt nothing was going right, that you felt terrible, grumpy, and like you wanted to bite someone’s head off?  NAH!!!  I didn’t think so.  Maybe you are just always full of energy, happy go lucky, float through trials and tribulations like they were a Crystal clear mountain lake. RRRRiiiight!  As if anyone is that totally together and on top of their game!!!  BUT WAIT!!! Hmmm maybe it is possible. Maybe they know something that we don’t about their body and how to correct several very preventable ailments. Maybe they know about the infamous Ileocecal valve, and we don’t!

The ileo cecal valve (ICV) is a small muscle located between the small and large intestines. It is found on the right side of the body between the right hip bone and belly button. the ilea-cecal value is a sort of one way check valve (food flows downward through it into your colon (large intestines) from your small intestines for further processing once the digestive process has begun. When it is working correctly, this valve opens and closes on demand – it opens to regulate the flow and allow digesting food to pass through it, then closes behind it to prevent anything from making its way back up the digestive track to where it came from.

OK, here is the ‘sticky’ part of this function (no pun intended). When the ileocecal valve stays open, it is typically stuck open as a result of some sort of food (stuff like nuts that are not chewed well, pop corn, etc.). When it sticks open, it allows a sort of backwash from the large intestine to occur into the small intestine.  This allows fecal matter (yep… poo poo) to be introduced into the process of the  making of blood.  As you might have already figured out, this is not a good thing.  When it happens, it has dire consequences on how you will ultimately feel.  This is because the small intestine is where the process of creating the blood and fuel to feed your body starts.  Wait, it get better!  When the ileocecal valve is stuck closed, the process of eliminating waste is disrupted.

Both of these conditions are NOT good on your overall health, and cause a very toxic situation in your body – at least anywhere in the body that there is blood.  These two conditions are brought on by improper diet (eating the wrong foods) and abnormal emotional stress; and, ultimately have a serious affect the performance of the whole body.  ICV malfunction can cause a large array of health problems, usually associated with the common chronic health issues prevalent in our society. Because of the numerous amount of symptoms associated with the ICV, it is often called the “great mimicker.”  This broad spectrum of problems is usually related to toxicity and intestinal dysfunction. The following conditions can be directly or indirectly associated with ICV dysfunction:

  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • ringing in the ears;
  • low back pain;
  • bursitis;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • headaches;
  • weakened immune functions;
  • allergies;
  • cold flu sinuses;
  • nausea, faintness and dizziness; and
  • indigestion, gas and bloating.

What makes things worse is that the very result of the ileo cecal value’s malfunction that causes low blood and fuel production can also cause the valve to lose its resiliency and normal tension, and as a result it will stick (usually in the open position).  For you ‘drinkers’ out there in health land (man that is an oxymoron, isn’t it?), if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol, you can cause your ileo cecal value to stick open since the liver meridian travels directly over the valve. Why should you be concerned? Well, it is one of the MAIN REASONS that cause someone to have a hangover. Keep you ileo cecal valve in good health and you can avoid hangovers.  :-)  But then, you would probably be well-advised not to be drinking anyway. It’s a waste of good brain cells!

The following is a list of some conditions that are potentially an indication that your ileo cecal valve is in need of adjustment. The list may surprise you. See how many you have experienced: low energy levels , feeling tired all the time, feeling sleepy, cramps, bad attitudes (the kind that you were spanked for or sent to put your nose in the corner when you were younger), grumpiness (OOOH SNAP!!! did I hit a nerve here or what?), constant mood changes, crankiness, dark circles under your eyes (this is a biggie as a toxicity indicator), feeling like you have the flu,  a sense or feeling of separation from people or interaction with others, someone that is disagreeable,… did I say low energy levels like you want to take a siesta all the time, nightmares (weird dreams), and having a short fuse (your temper is on edge).

When your value is lodged open, you will experience classic flu and cold symptoms, muscle aches, unclear thinking (mine must be seriously lodged open), inability to properly digest information, blurry vision, a runny stool or diarrhea (somebody help d’boy with his spelling); and, as the body attempts to cleanse itself using heat to force the poisons to the surface of the skin, an open ileo cecal valve can cause you to have a fever.

When valve is stuck closed it is no better than when it is lodged open.  You will experience the obvious of problems with elimination of waste in your body which means that it is absorbed into your body and has all the symptoms you would expect – you will feel like Pooo (not talking about Pooo bear either)..  Other physiological issues like constipation and inflammation of the appendix (which we were created with to help fight this issue in the first place) are very common. But, there are psychological issues that arise out of our body’s attempt to correct the toxicity in us from an open value like that of a sense of OVER-attachment to situation, persons, conditions in our lives and the ability to ‘let go’. I think we all know people like this who  are just needy and clingy even when we wished they were not. If you do, suggest that they close their Ileo cecal value and get a life. OUCH!!! Just kidding on the ‘get a life part.”


GREAT question! The correction process for this very common occurrence is really not difficult and you can perform it on your self once you know how to.   For those who are great at written instructions, here it is for you.  Find your right hip bone and belly button, then find half the distance between the two.  Now, move down a bit below the hip bone (about 2 inches)  from the center point between your belly button and top of your hip bone.  This area will be tender in 90% of people.  It will be like finding a golf ball under a pillow – but some of us have more ‘pillow’ than others so keep palpatating to locate the spot.  Palpate means to press in slowly but deeply to feel for hardened or tender areas.  Once you find that spot (it will most likely be a bit tender), you will want to massage it in a circular motion for about five or six seconds.  Now briskly stimulate the reflex area that is found on the bottom of your right foot – the lateral aspect (outside edge) right before your heel.  It’s just a tiny bit above that place, with the rest of the colon reflexing up to middle point of the foot and back down on the medial aspect.  Massage that for about ten seconds.

A more aggressive way to address your valve is that when you find that point between belly button and hip bone, use a gentle, but firm stroke upward towards the belly button, while pressing down about two inches into your abdomen.  Press down, then pull your fingers firmly up while pressing into your abdomen about two inches.  This should be done for about 30 seconds. It stimulates the value and the valve typically self-corrects with this technique.  The cool thing about both of these techniques is that you can do them as often as you need to. They don’t have any adverse affects on you if your valve gets stuck open or closed.

What do you get out of this!???

You can expect that you will see alsmost immediate results (5 to 10 minutes), and there are some pretty amazing results that can come from this. For one, you will feel a sense of connectedness with your day and those around you, where before you were on edge with your day and the people and events of your day. Your disposition will be more positive (no more poisons seeping into your blood can make a heap of difference!!!).  You will have more energy and feel ‘happy’ (if you like being grumpy, this is not a good therapy for you). You will tend to smile more.  You will sleep much more soundly (a more quality sleep).  You will notice that your vision will even be better since your eyes are dramatically affected by toxins in your body.  Having a fully functional ileocecal valve will almost completely eliminate muscle aches, and let’s not forget the practical side to all these benefits.  You will have more regular bowel movements! 


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