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Attitudes that Cost Us Our Health

In the last week, I have been inundated with correspondence from subscribers to the Veggie Chronicles newsletter who have recently received an installment with my Time for Change $1000 Health Challenge. The emails are from people who desire to change their health – both internally and externally. It’s this way at the beginning of every new year. A few hundred emails from people wanting to make a positive change and who seeking my help to do so.

Of the 200 or so emails I will receive by the middle of February from people wanting my health coaching services, only about 25 people will actually rise to the challenge of transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle. While I would love to say everyone who pays for health coaching will benefit, sadly, it is not so. It has been the same way with the Time for Change $1000 Health Challenge. Several hundred people wanting more information about my challenge and who say they are ready to dive headlong into a commitment to get healthy, feel great, and lose weight. I am not trying to be a Debby Downer with all the well-placed enthusiasm for enrolling in the challenge, but statistically, most people who enroll will NOT remain committed.

Take health and fitness centers for instance. In most cases, the fitness industry sees a loins share of their sales in the first part of each year – from people with good intentions who want to get in shape. But, statistics show that of all the people who join health clubs, only a small fraction follow-through and continue going regularly.

As with most things in life – take financial success for instance- the majority of people lack the personal discipline to do what successful people take the time to learn to do. whereas, UN-successful people make the choice not to learn or lack the inclination to learn the things that will allow them to be successful.

UN-successful people make the choice not to learn or lack the inclination to learn the things that will allow them to be successful.

Those who truly want to be healthy and increase their life expectancy will be successful in changing their health, losing weight, and improving their lifestyle. They will be the ones who reap the benefits of a life without sickness, disease, chronic illness, and obesity. Those who do NOT, make a willful choice as well.

OK, so you are reading this and something in it is resonating within you, and you want to change. AWESOME!

Here is the secret to making optimum health happen. You don’t have to go on a diet. You don’t have to join a gym. You simply decide to act on your will to want to be healthy. When you WILL IT to happen, you will begin to take the daily consistent small incremental steps towards better health. It may just be removing one starch or unhealthy fat from a single meal each day. You might consider reducing portion sizes gradually, begin drinking water in place of juices or sodas, adding a dark green raw vegetables to each meal, or taking a brisk 20 minute walk after dinner. What you do does not have to be huge things, but rather simply a combination of little things consistently added to your lifestyle over time.

Are you ready to start changing your life for the better and to start feeling goo about your future health and wellbeing? Decide today that you will begin to make the small incremental daily choices in your life and schedule that bring the results you want for your health.

WILL IT TO BE a healthy life in your future – free of obesity, sickness, chronic illness, fatigue, and premature death. Start today in transitioning to a life giving lifestyle from that of an appetite driven lifestyle and watch what will happen to you in the coming year.

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