Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet Plan


Why consider a vegetarian diet plan?


Most of those who are closest to me know that I love to cook. Get me in a kitchen and I just sort of get lost in the moment in making up something that people love to eat. It’s always sort of been that way. Whether is was a casserole, grilled salmon, or a perfectly tender and juicy steak and all the fixings, I was on it! Today, I still love to prepare food for people, but what I prepare them is far better in taste and health benefits than any steak or other grilled masterpiece that I have ever made. The benefits of a vegetarian diet plan far outweigh any concern for the loss of some idolized taste bud experience. I promise.

Since my ‘conversion’ to a healthier way of life, I am asked often why in the world would I give up meat and all the other ‘delicious’ things that I used to eat. The answer is a simple one. My life depended on it, as does your life depend upon your daily choice of what you will eat.

If you are curious if there is any reason substantial enough for you to consider changing your diet,  here are some of the most worthwhile reasons to consider the benefits of a vegetarian diet plan and transitioning to one.

  • A vegetarian diet plan increases your energy level (calories and nutrients from whole and living foods are fully utilized).
  • A vegetarian diet plan increases your mental alertness (increases oxygen and vital nutrients that feed your brain).
  • A vegetarian diet plan strengthens your immune system and its effectiveness to fight off sickness and disease (when your cells are healthy, sickness cannot find an easy way in).
  • A vegetarian diet plan reduces the likelihood of chronic illnesses related to diet (approximately 80% of chronic illness is related to diet or stress/emotions).
  • A vegetarian diet plan naturally calms you as your body rids itself of the toxins that affect your hormonal levels.
  • A vegetarian diet plan naturally reduces your weight since you do not feel as if you have to eat as much (when your cells are full of the right nutrients, your stomach does not need to be fed).
  • A vegetarian diet plan reduces environmental stress-related maladies like that of fatigue, headaches, and allergies (these are symptomatic of nutrient and mineral deficiencies on a cellular level among other possible physiological or emotional issues).
  • A vegetarian diet plan allows your body chemistry to balance and your endocrine system to correct itself (your hormonal balance is key to overall health, vitality and longevity).
  • A vegetarian diet plan of whole foods has greater concentration of live nutrients which feed your body on a cellular level far beyond that of cooked, refined, processed or partially processed foods.
  • A vegetarian diet plan slows, stops, and/or reverse the aging process (as your vital organs regain their health, you will look, feel, and act younger).
  • A vegetarian diet plan improves your quality of life by improving your health, your energy levels, your alertness, and general sense of well-being brought on by a vegetable, fruit, nut, and grain based diet.

Eating healthy is something that you choose to do on a daily basis. A healthy diet does not have to be a boring diet either. Your taste buds will quickly learn the joy of eating fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, and nuts. While changing your eating habits can be difficult, if you want a healthier future – one without chronic illness, obesity, disease, and infirmity – the greatest way to see this happen is by changing your diet. Eating healthy is a lifestyle that is not driven by appetites or cravings or convenience, but one of conviction that “you are what you eat” and that there is no pleasure great enough in this life that is worth losing your health and vitality.

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