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Girl Scout Cookie Chemical Caution

Everything that we put into our mouth has consequences. This is why making a commitment to guard against consuming any food that has unnatural ingredients is so important  Research is revealing more and more evidence that chemicals that enhance taste or preserve freshness are the cause of many of today’s chronic illnesses. One such product that is wildly popular is Girl Scout cookies. And, they are hard to resist if you acquire a taste for them.

So, here is our advice to you if you have a taste for them. Close your windows. Draw the curtains tight. Lock your door. Turn out your lights. Pretend you are not at home. If you don’t, will have to look into a little girl’s big brown eyes and listen to her sales pitch for Girl Scout cookies. You won’t survive.

But by chance that you do, and are able to resist these sugar laden, tasty morsels, beware! Those little girls in those devilishly cute little innocent looking outfits DO NOT take rejection well!…

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