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Bottled Water Scam Feeds on Ignorance

Ever feel like you have been sold something that you didn’t want? Of course you have. We all have. BUT, have you ever been sold something that you didn’t need but were convinced that you needed it. When I say convinced, I mean really convinced. So convinced that you now feel a compulsion to continue using it? Same answer. Yes, you have. When it comes to scams on the general public, there is one that trumps them all. It is the bottled water industry. It is among the biggest consumer…

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TSA Back Scatter Scanning in Airports Serious Health Risk

  I think most of us have already heard of the newest anti-terrorism tool for screening those who use commercial air travel as a mode of transportation. The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new policy to scan people using back scatter scanning that in effect shows an Xray image of the person as if they were naked (and I mean butt naked – black and white skin and bone imaging) in 3D black and white is supposed to protect us from those individuals who are seeking to bring terror to the…

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