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We are What We Eat


One picture is worth a thousand words.

We have all done it.  We have all realized that we didn’t have time for preparing something healthy to eat, so we grabbed something easy which could be defined by others as something fat-laden, heavily processed, and for all practical purposes, unhealthy. It’s part of the hectic 21st century lifestyle that most modern day citizens give in to when they do not have the time to prepare something healthy.

There is also a huge and growing population of people who have no concept of what is and what is not healthy food to eat. They are people who suffer from clinical obesity who have either bought into the lie that anything is better than nothing if you don’t have the money to buy organic or otherwise healthy foods when they go shopping, and worse, totally led by their appetites and what they like instead of what is healthy for them.

Combine these groups of people and you have what is now an pandemic of obesity in America.

Very simply put, this is due to three very widespread reasons:

1. The demand to succeed and be financially successful is at an all time high and free time to buy and prepare healthy foods is at an all time low. It is so much ‘easier’ to simply eat out or run through a drive through window for a quick take out order.

2. Most people are led by their appetites and senses, and not by nutritional logic. Once your taste buds have grown accustomed to certain foods – healthy or otherwise – it is hard to break the habit that your senses enjoy, I.e., taste, smell, texture, and visual. And truth be told, most people do not have the self will to want to change, until it is too late for their health.

3. Highly processed fast food chain restaurants are everywhere. And THIS alone is problematic for most very busy people. Because of time constraints and the tyranny of the urgent in their lives, most busy people choose fast food over eating healthy food simply because their schedules are too full to take the time to eat right.

If your health matters to you at all, please take the time to modify your lifestyle and schedule to include healthy eats, …that is, IF you want to live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your financial success.

As always, please share this if you find it noteworthy and encouraging.

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