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Getting Started on the Road to Health Through Physical Conditioning

Like food intake, when it comes to a personal fitness program, it can be overwhelming. This is especially true for those suffering from  chronic or morbid obesity. It will seem overwhelming. You may even think that it will be an impossible journey to undertake. I PROMISE that the journey is NOT impossible.

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Weight Loss 

Benefits of Grapefruit and its Part in Weight Loss

  I have known about the health benefits of grapefruit since I was a teenager. While I didn’t know why they were healthy, I did see the the benefits of grapefruit through my stepfather’s morning ritual.  When I was growing up, I remember my stepfather getting a little heavy in the peak of his professional success, which led to some health issues. I listened to him complain that he was looking and feeling terrible, and that he was going to start changing things in his life so that he could…

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