Live Food Smoothies


Green Smoothies are Life Giving and FUN!

If you are new to the idea of drinking raw green veggie and fruit smoothies, then you have come to the right place. VeganOvercome will provide you all of the information you need to get started making and enjoying green smoothies.  While green smoothies do not have to be the only type of smoothies you make, the importance of lots of raw greens is vital to your long term health and in helping prevent, as well as reverse chronic illness.

New habits are sometimes hard to develop, especially if you have to break old habits.  What we eat – our diets or food intake – can be especially difficult to correct when a person is used to a certain type of food.  This is especially true when processed foods, partially processed foods, sugars, and complex carbohydrates are a large part of your diet.

As overwhelming as it may seem at first,  the good news is that it really does not take a great deal of effort to replace one meal a day with a healthy green smoothie.  The best meal to start with is breakfast since it sets the pace for your day and gives your body (and digestive system) exactly what it needs to function properly.  The recipes for smoothies on Vegan Overcome will get you started on the road to amazing health benefits and transform your body from the inside out.

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3 Thoughts to “Live Food Smoothies”

  1. Marilyn Stonecrest

    Thanks for all your encouragement david. The smoothies are really making a difference in my husband’s and my appetite for junk food. We have lost 35 pounds combined weight in just 4 weeks. Our children could not believe that we are passing up deserts! LOL AND, we got all of them to try a smoothie before they left! Pictures on their way for the green mustache t-shirt club!

  2. Denise Dobbins

    Hi David, Stopping by to say “hi”. Wow! Lots of information here! My 16 yr old daughter has been making her own smoothies with fresh fruit and veggies. She’s lost 50 lbs! That’s good and bad! Now I have to chase the boys off with a baseball bat! lol

  3. Sondages Rémunérés

    I’ve been wondering about the similar factor myself lately. Delighted to see an individual on the same wavelength! Nice write-up.

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