Information on Natural Cures for Cancer


We have all heard that there are natural cures for cancer, and information abounds on the subject now with the Internet in full swing, but most do not know where to start in finding it. This article is for that purpose.

Most of those who know my story about my street fight with cancer, know that I completely avoided traditional methods after my diagnosis of Stage three prostate cancer, i.e. initially stage two, then through a process of procrastination, a year later, stage three. Needless to say, my oncologist was not at all amused. My follow up visits over the next 12 months seemed to aggravate him all the more, until he all but threatened to stop seeing me if I did not take immediate action.

The only consolation that I could offer him was that I had begun an aggressive attack on my cancer through holistic means. He did what every AMA trained oncologist would do who makes HUGE amounts of money treating cancer victims and baulked at my comment saying, “You are taking your life into your own hands if you continue down this road and I will not be able to help you.”

His initial recommendation in the beginning was to immediately remove my prostate and undergo the chemo and radiation treatments. This was not an option for me. I had plans for my prostate in the future and was not going to let some ‘over-cautious oncologist’ start swinging his surgical blade around my private parts. I am getting too far into all of the story. You will just have to read it when my book comes out.

If you are personally dealing with cancer, or know someone who has just been diagnosed, there is great hope. You can beat cancer, and do it in many cases by simply changing your diet (not recommending that you don’t see your doctor, just changing your diet). Take the time to thoroughly research alternative means to rid your body of cancer. I will be adding more information in the near future and it will be more specific about what I did to totally rid my body of cancer without any surgery, chemo or radiation.

Here are some websites/articles to get you started in your discovery of what the AMA and ‘modern medicine” AKA the Industrial Medical Complex does NOT want you to know. You may want to bookmark these links and check them out as information is updated on the sites.¬†While these links and this website are not inclusive of all the research and treatments of cancer through holistic means, they are a great place to start. Knowledge is power, and in the case with cancer, it may just save your life or some’s that you love.

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