Green Tea Spinach Fruit Protein Smoothie


VO-smoothie-greentea-spinachLearning how to make green smoothies is not rocket science. There are tons of recipes out there. The only rule, generally speaking, is that you want to make sure you are combining the right combinations of foods in your smoothie, i.e. not mixing acidic foods with alkaline foods. After my exhaustive journey in pursuit of the best morning wake up smoothie on earth, I settled for this recipe – my own!  Here is one of my favorite morning smoothie recipes.  Everything that goes in my smoothies is organic, so when I list something, always assume it is organic.

Add to blender:

24 ounces fresh brewed green tea – chilled
8 ounces fresh baby leaf spinach
2 tablespoons raw organic pure coconut oil
* Blend thoroughly until spinach is fully processed in the water. Don’t let the color scare you.  It’s really not as bad as it looks! :-)

IMPORTANT NUGGET: If your coconut oil is in solid form due to cold weather, liquify by using warm water, but do NOT microwave your coconut oil or heat it beyond 102 degrees (like any live food) as it kills important health qualities of it

Add to blender:

2 tablespoon raw brown rice protein powder
1 teaspoon raw macca powder

Blend thoroughly until powders are thoroughly mixed.

Add to blender:

2 ripe banana (frozen work great)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1 ripe mango

Blend thoroughly.


You can use ice if you want after blending your smoothie, although room temperature is best for digestion. I use frozen bananas or whatever kind of fruit that I happen to have frozen – typically blueberries, mango, strawberries, or bananas – to cool mine.

Blend thoroughly and pour into tall glass… don’t dribble … especially if you wear white t-shirts like me.

It is important that when you eat spinach that you have some sort of ‘fat’ with it, i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, etc. The fat allows the nutrients and minerals in the spinach to assimilate, i.e. the calcium primarily. This is why I use coconut oil in mine. You could use olive oil and it works just as well as a healthy fat source.

Source: David Ward

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4 Thoughts to “Green Tea Spinach Fruit Protein Smoothie”

  1. Hemy Ryland

    This is a really well written article. Thanks for the post. You always provide such great information on health and diet.

  2. Wilmer Erwin

    It’s awesome to find so much great information on getting healthy here. Your story is an inspiration. Thanks for being a voice, and thanks for the link for the juicers!

  3. Bud Winegardner

    Thanks for such great recipes. This is becoming a favorite of mine. Although my time limitations don’t allow me to juice or make smoothies the way I would like every morning, I am beginning to feel that ‘hooked’ feeling where I don’t feel my day is complete without having my morning smoothie or juice. By the way, the Breville juicer was a great choice. Not saying the others you advertise are not good choices, but the Breville really was what i was looking for. I am enjoying it immensely.

  4. Tara

    Looks great! Just curious: Would the ground hemp seed not count as fat?

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