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Attitudes that Cost Us Our Health

In the last week, I have been inundated with correspondence from subscribers to the Veggie Chronicles newsletter who have recently received an installment with my Time for Change $1000 Health Challenge. The emails are from people who desire to change their health – both internally and externally. It’s this way at the beginning of every new year. A few hundred emails from people wanting to make a positive change and who seeking my help to do so. Of the 200 or so emails I will receive by the middle of…

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Weight Loss 

Benefits of Grapefruit and its Part in Weight Loss

  I have known about the health benefits of grapefruit since I was a teenager. While I didn’t know why they were healthy, I did see the the benefits of grapefruit through my stepfather’s morning ritual. ¬†When I was growing up, I remember my stepfather getting a little heavy in the peak of his professional success, which led to some health issues. I listened to him complain that he was looking and feeling terrible, and that he was going to start changing things in his life so that he could…

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