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Life as I knew it

I had never been an ‘out of shape’ sort of guy.  I had always been active, athletic, and an avid extreme sports adrenalin junkie.  I always ate whatever I wanted to eat and never gained weight, and but for a few times in my young life where I tried a vegetarian diet, I have always eaten meat in some form with almost every meal.  To listen to others who knew me, they would have said I looked great for my age, or even someone 20 years younger than I was.  Yes, life – especially my health – was blessed with good fortune.

Dying Inside

What I didn’t know however was that even with all the activity in my life, my own personal gym with thousands of dollars in commercial grade weight machines and free weights, and eating what most would call an exceptionally healthy diet, I was dying on the inside.  I was suffering from acute chronic illness that was leading me happily to a sure end through a terminal illness – cancer.  I was just a few short years away from the end of my life and didn’t even know it. Changing my diet saved my life.

I was just a few short years away from the end of my life and didn’t even know it.  Changing my diet saved my life.

So here I am

Hi! My name is David Ward and the picture to the right is of myself and two of my amazing boys hamming it up for a ‘green mustache’ photo opp.  I started this website as more of an online journal to collect health information and do some journaling about my transition from a heavy meat, dairy, processed foods, and sugar diet to an almost completely raw vegetable, fruit, nut, and grain diet – enough so to classify me as a raw vegan.

To the shock and horror of many of my friends and family, I began consuming the weirdest things – things like raw spinach smoothies, fresh wheat grass juice, raw dark green vegetables, various roots and rhizomes, seed sprouts, dark colored fruits, nuts, off the wall spices, and drinking stuff like un-brewed Kombucha tea and Rejuvelac tea. Admittedly, I was not invited to many dinner parties once the word got out of my extremist diet.

What you won’t see me do

Don’t be scared away by my use of the word “vegan” in my website’s name. VeganOvercome is really more just a play on words based on a personal experience I had in my refrigerator shortly after I changed my lifestyle from an omnivore to a predominately raw vegetarian. I am NOT some socially radical lunatic that won’t wear leather, and believes that eating meat is a human rights violation. You won’t see me trying to block a commercial whaling ship in a canoe, because I think it’s mean to fish for whales. You won’t find me picketing some politician’s house because he is not willing to vote on a bill to give household pets legal rights or to prevent someone from building a house on their land because it has a family of field mice or turtles. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE animals, especially cats and dogs.  I just can’t eat a whole one by myself. …Juuuust kidding!… Seriously, anyone that knows me personally would say that I am an all around pretty average guy (with an above average sense of human. So about the website’s name, I’ll share more on how the name Vegan Overcome happened later.

The goal of this website

The goal of Vegan Overcome’s website is to educate and instruct those who desire to live a more healthy and energy-filled life.  There are a lot of interesting and educational articles that provide vital information that can dramatically affect your health.  There are recipes, juice drinks, meal plans, and offerings for products and services that either I provide personally or that I endorse and sell as a way to support my addiction to helping others be successful in their health. I never turn anyone away from help, instruction, and encouragement in their eating lifestyle, but I do offer very economically priced structured coaching programs which offer more in depth mentoring/tutoring for those who are ready to take their health and longevity seriously enough to move to a new level of lifestyle as a vegetarian.

My appeal

If you find an article or tidbit of knowledge that you really like or that has been helpful to you, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  If you find the Vegan Overcome website beneficial, please take a moment to share on your favorite social network(s), with those you care about or those who are struggling with chronic illness or obesity. If they want to make a change in their life for the better as it concerns their diet and lifestyle. I think I may be able to help them. What better gift to offer someone than a healthier life, right?

For your lasting health in every way,

David Ward

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16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your story is very inspiring David. Thanks for being willing to share it with the world and help others in their pursuit of better health.

  2. I know it’s not possible to just get healthier by visiting a website and reading articles, but everytime I visit, I seem to come away feeling more healthy – or at least feeling more wiling to get healthy. Not sure which one yet, but I do enjoy your articles. Thanks for sharing your health with the world :-)

  3. Thanks for such an informative site. It’s refreshing to show up at one and not feel like I am being sold something from the moment I show up. How do you make money with this Website. There seems to be just great content and no gimmick.

  4. Hi David,

    So often we pray for healing, expecting that Jehovah Rapha will instantaneously heal us. Sometimes that is the case – I do believe in miracles, but many times He empowers us in our choices to facilitate the healing. Rest can be the healing. Diet and exercise is also part of the equation. Having been raised Seventh-Day Adventist, I have long been acquainted with the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, but it is nice to see spirit-filled passion treating the body as the temple it is.

  5. Wow, marvelous blog! The overall look of your site is wonderful, let alone the content! Thanks for all the useful information. It really motivates me to take control of my health.

  6. Hello there, I first came to your website through a google search, and have been enjoying the information now for about three months but never said anything until now. I want to thank you for all the wealth of knowledge you appear to have (or whomever is writing all the articles). It has helped me immensely. I am now drinking your smoothie recipes and have noticed such great results in my efforts to lose weight and regain my health. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

  7. Hello David! Thank you for website. It is beyond inspiring! I have a quick question regarding “Juicers”. I am an amateur to all of this and really need some direction and guidance. I also am very overwhelmed trying to pick out a juicer. There are just so many out there. Knowing that you have a lot of experience over the years juicing, would you be able to recommend a juicer that you like or possibly the exact juicer that you have? I am not as concerned about cost as I am about quality. I am worried that I might purchase one that is not to my liking and then not be interested in juicing. Hoping you can help. Thank you so much for your time and understanding.

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for posting your question. We get this question allot. While we try to remain neutral in our editorial and recommendations for these sorts of things, we do most often suggest making a long-term commitment to one’s health when it comes to juicing and getting a juicer that will give you a long service life (aside from normal wear and tear). We have found that the Breville Juicer we offer through our website (see advertisement below) is the ideal juicer for price and service. It is what I personally recommend to my friends who do not want to pay ‘the big bucks’ for a juicer. You don’t need to pay $1200 for a juicer to get great results. The Breville that we offer our readers is a great juicer at a very modest price for what it can provide in the way of longevity and service.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dominic. The site has started to take on a personality of its own and we are getting a lot of mail for this request to start offering some sort of coaching or program people can follow. Email custserv@ our domain here and put ‘interested in coaching’ in the subject line. We will be sure to get you added to the list for our program that is in development now.

  8. Excellent site. Vegetarian maniac alert should be what flashes over the top of your banner to warn people. The smoothie is officially copied and pasted into Iphone for future use. You are a maniac David, but so right on. Thanks for your help

  9. This information is very educational, I’m willing to give it a try, especially on the Wheat Grass. May GOD continue to bless you in your work. You are helping so many.

  10. This is a very nice site David Ward. Vegetarian maniac that you are, I should have known you would have something like this floating out here in cyberspace. I have learned quite alot about health today that I did not know, and especially like the smoothie recipes. Will be checking that out for sure in the next week.

  11. What a great website. David, you are definitely popping up everywhere on the Internet. Best of success to you and all that you do to help others in their success – even their physical health. You are an inspiration to my wife and I. Thanks for the attitude adjuestment. We are going to be dropping the pounds and getting back to our old selves and taking control of our health – thanks to you! God bless you! Guy and Jeannie

  12. Thanks for geting me to try the ‘green smoothies’ (even though the sound of them still bothers me…hehehehe). I have already lost 17 pounds in just 3 weeks replacing my dinner with one, increasing my water intake, and bypassing the drive through window. This is crazy for me, but I love it. Great articles here. I feel healthier just reading them.

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