Overcoming Our Appetites

  Appetites are powerful. They are the cause of every form of bad that can come to our lives. If allowed to take their natural course in our lives, they can destroy our greatest potential – especially when it comes to what we put into our mouth. I realize this is a strong statement, but think about it for a moment. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are led by our appetites. All of our senses – sight, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting – affect our daily…

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Increase Your Libido Naturally

  The stresses of life can wear down even the most resilient of optimist if they are not vigilant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating the right foods. The wrong foods, lack of sleep, and daily stress can rob a person of the joy of living. This can be especially true for one’s sex life. From a diet standpoint, one of the greatest deterrents to a healthy sex life (suffering from a low libido) is not getting the necessary nutrients, minerals, and enzymes needed in order to maintain a…

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The Benefits of Wheat Grass as a Food or Supplement

  The benefits of wheat grass as a food or supplement that can provide the benefit over all health of the body are without debate when put to the test. The largest deterrent of wheat grass becoming a main stream product and staple food source is that negative affects that it will have on the medical and health industry. Healthy people do not need doctors. People without chronic disease do not need doctors. People that are not fat, do not need diet plans, support groups or medical intervention. Some of…

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Exercise Lifestyle 

Attitudes that Cost Us Our Health

In the last week, I have been inundated with correspondence from subscribers to the Veggie Chronicles newsletter who have recently received an installment with my Time for Change $1000 Health Challenge. The emails are from people who desire to change their health – both internally and externally. It’s this way at the beginning of every new year. A few hundred emails from people wanting to make a positive change and who seeking my help to do so. Of the 200 or so emails I will receive by the middle of…

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Chronic Illnesses Lifestyle Weight Loss 

Getting Started on the Road to Health Through Physical Conditioning

Like food intake, when it comes to a personal fitness program, it can be overwhelming. This is especially true for those suffering from  chronic or morbid obesity. It will seem overwhelming. You may even think that it will be an impossible journey to undertake. I PROMISE that the journey is NOT impossible.

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