There are things you should know about caffeine and caffeine addiction if you want to be wise in your consumption of it.  Like anything else in life that you consume, it’s always best to know the facts about it – right?  But, before you get blasted with the following information (Don’t worry. It’s not too terrible of information.), you should know that at one time in my life, not too long ago, I would have never thought I could stop drinking coffee.  I mean, I LOVED the stuff – the smell of it, the way it tasted, the buzz I got from it, everything.

This was of course before I became a vegetarian and began to learn about what I was putting into my body, and the affects that what I was putting into my body had on my health.  I used to drink about 6 big cups a day.  I am not talking about your momma’s sort of cup of coffee, but the kind that made the hair on your head stand at attention at the very first gulp – fresh, personally ground dark roasted organic expresso bean,  freshly ground seconds before it was brewed to the darkest of dark black you can get from a coffee bean. What can I say… I was an addict! LOL

It’s sort of funny how a little information about something can ruin a ‘good’ thing, isn’t it?  Nowadays I tend to ruin a good cup of coffee for others when I talk about the affects it has on their liver and heart, related illnesses, the premature aging issue, and stuff like that.  I still have a cup once in a while (don’t tell my nutritionist), but honestly, since I stopped drinking it for the buzz and started drinking more healthy beverages like a green smoothie each morning (see recipe above under RECIPES tab), I have not really missed it much at all.

Whether you like caffeine or not, or whether you drink a lot of it or not, here are some things you should know about Caffeine and Caffeine addiction, and the consequences of drinking it if you are at a place where you are open to cutting back on things – especially beverages – that are not healthy for you.

 Illustration Source: Home Owners Insurance Co.

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