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Bottled Water Scam Feeds on Ignorance

Ever feel like you have been sold something that you didn’t want? Of course you have. We all have. BUT, have you ever been sold something that you didn’t need but were convinced that you needed it. When I say convinced, I mean really convinced. So convinced that you now feel a compulsion to continue using it? Same answer. Yes, you have. When it comes to scams on the general public, there is one that trumps them all. It is the bottled water industry. It is among the biggest consumer…

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You Have Mercury Poisoning – Now What?

If you are like the vast majority of average 21st century citizens of planet earth who ingest commercially produced foods you are most likely living with increasingly dangerous levels of mercury in your body that is affecting your vital organs, especially your brain.

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Keeping Watch over Your Ileocecal Valve – HUhhh?

  Have you ever had a really really bad day when you felt nothing was going right, that you felt terrible, grumpy, and like you wanted to bite someone’s head off?  NAH!!!  I didn’t think so.  Maybe you are just always full of energy, happy go lucky, float through trials and tribulations like they were a Crystal clear mountain lake. RRRRiiiight!  As if anyone is that totally together and on top of their game!!!  BUT WAIT!!! Hmmm maybe it is possible. Maybe they know something that we don’t about their body and…

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How to Defeat PMS Once and For All

Harsh Reality I don’t think anyone that has lived beyond their adolescent years is unfamiliar with the term Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Most every woman has experienced it at one time or another.  One woman I was encouraged about her diet called “the monthly scourge of her emotions.” Whew… Now that is pretty dramatic. But, she is not alone. I am approached often by women who know that I am a health advocate. They most always ask me about things they can do to reduce the likelihood of PMS symptoms while…

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Killing You Softly One Bite at a Time

  It is pretty widely known nowadays that the majority of Americans suffer from diseases and illnesses that are fully preventable without medical intervention. This is not breaking news. America also suffers from obesity with over one in three children and adults like, being at very least, clinically obese.  Add fully preventable chronic illness to this statistic, and you can get a pretty good idea of why our country is being bankrupted by healthcare costs. The good news is that it is within our power to change this. Your health…

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