Multiple Sclerosis Treatment through Diet


One of the most often asked questions that I hear from people who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is, “Is Multiple sclerosis curable through diet?”  Understanding multiple sclerosis and multiple sclerosis treatment through diet requires some studying on the part of the individual who truly wants to follow a natural way of healing in the body.

There is a lot of evidence that multiple sclerosis is curable through diet, but the American Medical Association won’t admit it yet.  This article is an introduction to understanding what multiple sclerosis is to help those who know someone who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well as for those – possibly even you – who have been diagnosed with it.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease affecting the human brain and spinal cord. Those who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (or MS for short), usually have no idea they have Multiple Sclerosis in the early stages. There is a great deal of controversy about it and if it is curable by diet or not. Although there are many symptoms common to it that may be recognizable, it is often misdiagnosed.

Until someone who shows the symptoms has a thorough medical exam, they cannot know for sure that they have Multiple Sclerosis. The most often asked question by everyone that is diagnosed, whether in the early stages or later stages is, “Is it curable or not?” There are many who say YES! And, the source of that cure is quite different from what you might think.

While there is a great deal of controversy over whether or not Multiple Sclerosis is curable or not, much of the controversy surrounds that of claims by holistic health experts. Based on notable results, it is believed that a strict raw vegetarian and high mineral and vitamin diet that is rich in oxygenated and anti-oxidant food sources, as well as other essential oils and herbs can delay, retard, and even fully reverse the symptoms, if not totally cure the disease.

While the controversy rages on between the established modern medical community (who by the way make hundreds of millions of dollars off of treating the symptoms of the disease) and those who practice holistic medicine that has been around for 3000 years, one thing is for certain; no one who is diagnosed to have Multiple Sclerosis is willing to turn their back on at least the hope that there may be a cure if not a benefit to that of a change in lifestyle to help slow the progression of it down.

There are several symptoms to Multiple Sclerosis that are good indicators of whether further testing should be done to confirm the presence of the disease in someone. The following symptoms are not conclusive indicators, but rather simply fairly good indicators.

The most recognized list of symptoms includes:

  • Muscle fatigue and weakness
  • Difficulties with speech
  • Difficulties with coordination
  • Changes in tactile (touch) sensation
  • Visual problems
  • Depression

SYMPTOM DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that a person who deliberately eats the wrong foods, is lazy,  does not exercise, gains weight, and becomes depressed over their ‘issues’ in life is NOT necessarily someone that can be taken seriously as a candidate for MS, and there are often instances where patients suffering from these things latch on to the notion that they could have MS since they have so many of the symptoms.  This is why thorough testing should be done to determine whether or not Multiple Sclerosis is a viable diagnosis. Oftentimes, such a slothful and self-indulgent lifestyle is very possibly causing an imbalance in their hormones that could cloak itself as onset of MS.

In cases where the above is not the case, and where MS is viable, here is a layman’s explanation of how Multiple Sclerosis affects the body. It is foremost a malady that affects the neurons in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord. Neurons are what carry information throughout the central nervous system. Neurons are a vital part of overall body function since they carry information to and from and through the most important parts of our bodies, including that of creating thought and perception.

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease where the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the neurons in the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord are damaged.  Myelin act as electrical insulation.  In simple terms, it is a layer of fat that is absolutely essential in the function of a healthy central nervous system because neurons function best when they have a layer of fat around them.  The fat helps carry electrical signals that cause our body to function properly.

This disease (autoimmune deficiency) gradual breaks down this fat around the neurons that are throughout the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord.  The affect of this process brings on several different symptoms based on the disruption of the flow of the electrical impulses that flow through the neurons that are affected.  Holistic practitioners believe that prolonged exposure to some specific preventable environmental and lifestyle factors are the cause for multiple sclerosis.  Some, if not all of the following bring out the symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

  • Mental and physical stress
  • Poor diets that include a high amount of processed foods
  • High starch and sugars diets
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies

The controversy over whether or not diet and lifestyle has an affect on this disease, whether triggering it or affecting its progression, will most likely not go away.  There is simply too much money to be made by big pharma and special interest groups that that lobby for hundreds of millions of dollars from big government.  Even so, listen to what one recognized member of the medical community has to say about the affects of diet on MS.

Treatment of this disease through strenuously regulated diet and exercise has shown promise in the alleviation of and/or complete regression of all the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. It is thought also that because this sort of holistic approach restores health to the immune system which fights the autoimmune deficiency, that an individual can be fully freed from the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Yet, even in light of these sorts of stories and testimonies about holistic medicine and diet being responsible for people being cured, the fact remains that as long as there is money to be made, there will always be controversy and an ongoing effort by established medicine to squelch the notable successes of holistic approaches to the cure of Multiple Sclerosis.

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3 Thoughts to “Multiple Sclerosis Treatment through Diet”

  1. Kaley Speck

    My sister is struggling with MS and she has just started the foraging diet a few months ago and is already seeing results. If people only knew that they could just change their diet and regain their health, they would be so much better off. This is a disease of diet and nothing more. What would happen to our automobiles if we put sugar and lots of starches and chemical preservatives, and fats into our gas tanks?

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  2. Lisa

    awesome post sam! i have someone in my family dealing with this!!! thanks so much!

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  3. Gracie Evanston

    Phenominal information here. Your smoothie recipes are a bit daring but I am going to try them since so many others are saying so many good things about them. I don’t think I will be sending a green mustache photo in though. Well, maybe hehehe. Thanks!

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